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Virtual School

The Black River Falls Virtual School offers online learning opportunities grades K-12.  Three different programs have been developed to meet the educational and developmental needs of students based on their grade level. See information about all three programs.

Why Black River Falls Virtual School?

  • Virtual learning options are customized to meet each student’s needs.
  • Flexible schedules, combining online learning with traditional classroom options, enable students to participate as members of the Black River Falls school community with their peers.
  • Students are encouraged at all levels to participate in our many activities, such as; field trips, educational presentations, clubs, athletics, family nights, and other events that come up throughout the year.
  • Locally supported – you have contacts in our school district focused on helping each student succeed.
  • Technology “success package” including the use of a laptop computer and technology support to help each student succeed in the online environment.

Why Virtual Learning?

  • Relevant courses can be taken at flexible times in flexible locations.
  • The experience of online learning in prepares students for future training in post-secondary educational and work environments.
  • High quality, interactive courses are aligned to state and national standards.
  • AP courses not already offered at Black River Falls High School are available as student electives.
  • Semester courses are offered for students with credit deficiency, or for students unable to successfully participate in a traditional classroom setting.
  • Learning materials are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Online courses provide a solution for schedule conflicts, home-based learners, homebound, adjudication, truancy, expulsions, teen parents, and other special needs.

What else should you know about the Black River Falls Virtual School?

  • If a student has a proven track record of online success, we are can now meet those needs locally.
  • If online learning is new to your child, we have a graduated program built to ensure support and success.
  • Black River Falls Virtual courses are aligned to national and state standards.
  • Course goals and objectives will be available upon request.
  • Students currently enrolled at BRFHS full-time can enrich their course selection with courses not currently offered at BRFHS. Courses cannot supplant courses offered on-site.
  • Each student will work with district staff to develop a virtual education plan.
  • All courses are taught by Wisconsin certified teachers.

Contact Us

Mary Byrns, Virtual School Coordinator


  • Hands on practice for online nutrition class
  • Students in Sign language class practicing
  • Read, Write, Speak, Learn
  • Students working together!
  • Virtual school current students

The Black River Falls Virtual School program was created and implemented for the 2010-2011 school year. The program was developed to better serve the unmet needs of some of our students and move toward preparing ALL students for the 21st century skills they will be required to demonstrate in their futures.


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