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About SDofBRF

About the School District of Black River Falls

We have a logo that says, "Inspiring Excellence." This is our goal, our mission and our responsibility each and every day. We are armed with exceptional staff that are knowledgeable, dedicated and life-long learners. Individuals have been recognized both throughout the state as well as nationally for their contributions to the noble profession of education. We have the privilege of working with many community partners to assist us in realizing this vision of excellence for all of our students.

We boast the programs and opportunities that typically come with districts much larger in size; this is due to sound fiscal management paired with a process that includes prioritizing our needs and continuously re-evaluating the alignment of resources to those needs to carry out the goals we set.

We have recently facilitated a community wide process to create our five year strategic plan. We have four pillars that all of our efforts align to; Student Success, Our People, Community Engagement, and Finance & Facilities. We are setting goals and charting our progress toward them each step of the way. Our priorities are focused on improving student outcomes. This includes students not yet at proficiency, as well as those reaching their next level of challenge well above grade level. We systematically use our student data to guide our instruction, we work collaboratively with our community partners to provide new opportunities where a need and/or opportunity arises, and we continuously evaluate the impact of our efforts. Collaboration is the key and this collaborative spirit truly guides all the work that we do.

The community of Black River Falls is flourishing! In the fall of 2016 we opened a brand new elementary school to house our students in grades 2 – 5. Our high school was remodeled in 2015 and is a welcoming place for students. The Lunda Community Center, a gift to the community from the Lunda family, has recently opened its doors and is a resource for all.

Our student population is rich with diversity. Black River Falls is home to the Ho-Chunk Nation Tribal Office; approximately 23% of our student population is Native American. We believe we have an incredible team of professionals that work collaboratively to serve the needs of our students. If you have any additional questions about our schools or community, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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