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Broker, Moretti Earn February Teacher Tech Award

IMG_20140225_151814Justice Broker and Shawn Moretti were selected as recipients of the Teacher Technology Award for February. Students were asked for their input and had this to say about their teachers use of technology in the classroom:

“Ms. Broker does a nice job integrating computers into the curriculum. She has a great balance of discussion and activities without the computer along with tasks that require use of the laptops. She puts multiple resources  in a shared Google Drive folder to help students learn and to provide clarification on questions  She is very good about sending emails  to remind us about important happenings not only in our individual classes and clubs, but really important general heads ups notifications about things going on at BRFHS.  Technology is being used to keep us organized and help us learn.  She knows when to use technology and how to use it.”

“Mr. Moretti finds great websites that are really fun to use in class. He uses the Internet for online surveys and is really good with technology.  He is so caring and nice; he understands students and can teach using fun and interesting techniques. Hands-on learning activities are used in his classroom along with videos and interactive websites that we learn a lot from.  There are also many SmartBoard activities that are very fun to work with. That is why Mr. Moretti deserves this award.”

Congratulations, Justice and Shawn!