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Literacy Collaborative, Explained

What is Literacy Collaborative?

Literacy Collaborative is a school structure designed to support teacher instruction to improve reading, writing, and language skills of students from 4K through eighth grade.

How Does Literacy Collaborative Work?

sarahstaff1At its heart Literacy Collaborative is a professional development framework for teachers to increase literacy learning. The model helps schools and teachers develop exemplary literacy programs by:

  • Implementing proven teaching methods that are student-centered, language-based, and process oriented.
  • Establishing in-district and school-based literacy leadership teams and literacy coaches who monitor the framework’s implementation and train classroom teachers in literacy.
  • Providing in-depth professional development on-site for every member of a school’s literacy team.
  • Assessing student and teacher progress and delivering on-going professional development.
  • Providing consistent language and instructional methods 4K-grade 8 that are designed to meet the needs of individual students.

Watch for more exciting literacy information to come!