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Students attend regional heritage fair

Students attend regional heritage fair

Over seventy fourth graders from Gebhardt Elementary and schools from around the area participated at the Regional Heritage Fair as part of the Mississippi Valley Gifted and Talented Network.  Twelve representatives from fourth grade classrooms were selected and presented their projects to peers and parents on April 19 at G-E-T Middle School.

The Heritage Fair focuses on providing an opportunity for students to research and give an oral presentation on an individual, group, or event that has helped to shape the history of Wisconsin.  Students also have an opportunity to use their talents and creativity as they prepare their presentations.

Topics ranged from “Reintroduction of Elk to Jackson County” to the “Peshtigo Fire” to “Deke Slayton” to “Ashley Furniture.”  Students also heard two speakers from the La Crosse Historical Society present.  Terry Visgar presented clamming and the button industry, and Tom Mellen gave a lecture on the logging industry in Wisconsin.

Our Black River Falls fourth graders presented locally at Gebhardt Elementary on Friday, April 8.  There were over 120 presentations and the following twelve students were selected to participate at the Regional Heritage Fair.

Front row: Zowie Hunter, Lilli Wirtz, Bre Nortman, Jaelyn Stowe, Liv Hanson, Connor O’Brien.  Back row: Olivia Olson, Madyson Schultz, Evan Anderson, Spencer Aebly, Kameron Rowlee, Elle Hefty.