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Students visit Gundersen Lutheran’s simulation lab

Last week, a  group of students went to Gundersen Lutheran for a simulation surgery lab experience, some job shadowing, and presentation about Global Partnerships in the health field.

It was a VERY unique, rare, and exclusive experience for any doctor-in-training, let alone our students here at BRF. There are only three simulation labs of this caliber in the United States. Students were able to partake in hands-on laparoscopic surgery, learn how to intubate a person and how to deal with various infant trauma. They also worked with a life-size realistic dummy that can programmed to have different types of emergency issues.

The students had a blast, and it was a great learning experience. Their job shadows consisted of meeting with doctors in their interested field of study, and spending a little over an hour with that doctor as they checked on patients and such. Dominic Vase (Anesthesiology) was able to watch a knee surgery in action! In the afternoon they were able to see how Gundersen Lutheran impacts the health field on a global scale.