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Thank you, BRFSD Community!



It is with deepest appreciation and respect that we celebrate the successful referendum vote. The number of hours that were dedicated to researching and communicating about the issues surrounding the referendum is amazing. A simple thank-you hardly covers the work done on behalf of our students of today and our students yet to come.

Although the outcome is important, I also need tell you how inspired I am by the collaborative, respectful and positive communications that have been had throughout our community over these last months. A referendum can be very emotional, but together we connected the corners of our community and showed everyone that we can unite together for a common purpose in spite of our differences.

Great things are truly happening in the School District of Black River Falls. Tiger Pride is running rampant and will continue! So many people from the community became ambassadors for the referendum information. Thank you for the role you played in this incredible journey, for we wouldn’t be celebrating if it wasn’t for each one of you coming together to help carry the load.

As a community, we have a lot of work ahead of us. Input from the staff and community, as well as the guidance of industry professionals, will lead us to the best outcomes! That work is on the forefront for sure, but right now we celebrate a turning of the page in the Black River Falls story and an affirmation of our mission to “Inspire Excellence” in all we do! Thank you so much for your trust and faith that we will continue to make decisions that reflect our community values and will serve our students for generations to come!

Your partner in education,

Dr. Shelly Severson