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What is Writer’s Workshop?

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This is the third installment of what Literacy Collaborative looks like in the School District of Black River Falls.  Writer’s Workshop is one of the three blocks in the Literacy Collaborative framework.

The goal of this block for primary students (K-2nd) is for students to make connections between oral and written language, to understand and use the punctuation of written language, to explore and experiment with a variety of writing styles, and to grow as writers. A transitional language and literacy framework is often implemented part way through grade two in order to transition the students to experiences that will enable them to transition to the intermediate framework in grade 3.

The goal of this block for intermediate students (3rd-5th) is for students to develop writing strategies and skills, learn about the writer’s craft, and use writing as a tool for learning and communication. Writing for sustained periods, they explore different genres and formats for a wide range of purposes and for a variety of audiences.

Watch for more exciting literacy information to come!