March 3: The Annual Musical Is Almost Here!

Spotlight on Schools: The Annual Musical Is Almost Here!


Friday, March 3, 2017 — Hello Black River Falls Community, this is Dr. Shelly Severson with the School District of Black River Falls here to share this week’s installment of our Spotlight on Schools! This week I’d like to highlight the upcoming high school musical! They will be performing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The directors for the musical are Mr. Joe Phillips, who teaches vocal music at both the middle and high schools, and Ms. Laura Christenson, who is a math teacher at the high school. When I asked them about the show, they had the following to share:

“This show is a little bit darker than some we’ve done in the past, but is quickly becoming a student favorite! The storyline of the show follows the experiment of Dr. Henry Jekyll and his desire to rid humanity of its evil side by separating the good and evil that exists within humanity. Unable to find a willing test subject, he performs the experiment on himself. Things go horribly wrong, and he unintentionally unleashes his darker side upon the world, Mr. Edward Hyde.”

“We wanted to do something very different and darker this year, this is in sharp contrast to Shrek and Cinderella from the previous years. As we were looking at shows, this one rose to the top as we felt that it highlighted the acting and singing strengths of our students.”

“Speaking of the strengths of our students, for the second year in a row, senior, Jacob Markhardt will be playing the lead; Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. (We thoroughly enjoyed him last year as he played Shrek!) Junior Sunny Rufsholm will be playing Emma Carew, who is the leading female. Also in some primary roles are Bailee Ciezki, a junior, will be Lucy Harris, Ryan Kubina, a senior, will play Gabriel Utterson, and Jacob Onstad, a senior, will play Sir Danvers Carew.”

All in all there are 22 cast members, 18 crew members and then those that are playing in the orchestra pit. We are so lucky to have a group of adults from either the Community Band, or adults that still play their instruments, that are willing to commit to all of the rehearsals and performances to help our students shine! The experience to perform with a live orchestra group accompanying them is really a treat.

So when does all of this fun happen? The musical will have three different showings; Friday, March 10, at 7:00 pm, Saturday, March 11, also at 7:00 pm. Then on Sunday, March 12th they perform at 2:00 pm. All of the performances are held at the Lunda Theater. Tickets are $5 for students and $8 for adults.

We hope that you and your family can take some time out next weekend to come and enjoy an evening of live theater right here in town! When you watch the students perform, we hope that you are impressed with the wide variety of activities that you see these same students involved in. The great thing about being in a District the size of Black River Falls, is there are enough opportunities that regardless of what a student’s passion is, there is likely an opportunity to get involved and follow that interest! That being said, we are also small enough that if a student doesn’t have one area that they’ve feel that strongly about, we are small enough that kids don’t have to specialize in one area, they can easily sample as many different activities as they like!

The final comment from Mr. Phillips is this; “the story is excellent and it’s surprising how recognizable the songs are in this show!” We hope you can join us at Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde the weekend of March 10th, 11th, and 12th.

In keeping with our routine this year, I’d like to share another quote from American Education Week. We asked staff “Why the School District of Black River Falls was the right fit for them?” Sue Millis, one of the extremely helpful secretaries at Red Creek Elementary shared these thoughts : “I love my job…….have for 20 years. There is nothing better than helping a little one who comes into the office with a problem, booboo, or maybe hurt feelings or sadness from home. In my original interview with Bob Eckles, they asked why I wanted to work here, and I said I wanted to be that one person who made a difference in a child’s life—I might be his/her only hug for the day & that mattered to me :):):)”

As always, if you have any questions about this, or anything else within the District, don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you so much for your support of the School District of Black River Falls! Go Tigers!


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