To contact staff members by phone, please dial (715) 284-4357 and enter the desired extension as listed below.

Phone Extension E-mail Position Building
Sue Aleckson 5122 Aide Gebhardt
Vicki Kramer 3106 Literacy Coach Middle
Lee Amborn 3114 Art Middle
Paul Anciaux 5128 Grade 4 Gebhardt
Sarah Anderson 3201 Grade 8 Science Middle
Heidi Anderson Resource Aide–Nexus Third
Peggy Armson 2950 Cook High School
Randi Arneson 1206 School Nurse District Office
Randi Arneson 1206 School Nurse Middle
Theresa Bade 1102 Business Services Secretary District Office
Natasha Bade ELL Middle, Third
Kelly Baker 2113 Ho-Chunk Youth Services Tutor High School
Bridget Beinborn 4224 Kindergarten Forrest Street
Jan Bise 3215 Aide Middle
Kathryn Bishop 5126 Grade 4 Gebhardt
Heather Bluedorn 5130 Grade 4 Gebhardt
Anthony Boerger 2228 Social Studies/ Psychology High School
Allison Boerger 3113 Grade 6 Middle
Jennifer Bolger 6305 Grade 2 Third
Tori Bragee 3215 Special Education Middle
Kristin Breining 4248 Grade 1 Forrest Street
Katie Brew 4244 Grade 1 Forrest Street
Justice Broker 2220 English High School
Stephanie Brueggen 1203, 5113 Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Grade 5, 3-5 Literacy Collaborative District Office, Gebhardt
Linda Bubnich Speech/Language District Office
Bill Bunderson Maintenance Maintenance Shop
Gail Byrns 2205 Aide High School
Mary Byrns 2701 Business Education High School
Ruth Casper 2004 Secretary High School
Jeron Cassidy 2102 Technology & Engineering Ed, Supermileage Vehicle Advisor High School
Tom Chambers 2001 Principal High School
Laura Christenson 2125 Math High School
Carrie Christie 5122 SPED Gebhardt
Emalea Cogdill 3105 Business Education, Keyboarding Middle, Gebhardt
Jill Collins 1101 Director of Business Services District Office
John Cook 6206 Grade 2 Third
Stephanie Cowles 5132 or 6204 Music Teacher Third, Gebhardt
David Cowley 3110 Grade 6 Middle
Jennifer Dahl 5131, 4252 Art Gebhardt, Forrest Street
Jacob Dahlke 6110 Grade 2, Coach (MS Basketball, Varsity Baseball) Third
Mary Danielson 5125 Grade 4 Gebhardt
Karen Deberg 3208 Grade 8 Teacher Middle
Marcia Devendorf 6205 Special Education Aide Third
Rick Dobbs 6201 Principal Third
Les Dokkestul 3102 Grade 7 – Science and Social Studies Middle
Kari Dougherty 4238 Kindergarten Forrest Street
Michael Downie 3108 Grade 6 Middle
Angela Dutton 5103 Grade 5 Gebhardt
Paul Dutton 3202 Grade 7 Science Middle
Laura Duvall 2115 Art & Design High School
Jean Duxbury 4K Aide Forrest Street
Ann Eberhardt 4222 Kindergarten Forrest Street
Joey Eckles 1003 Accounts Payable District Office
Denise Eddy 6118 Reading Recovery, Interventionist Third
Barbra Emerich 5123 Grade 5 Gebhardt
Tom Epps 6211 Grade 3, C team Football Coach Third
Eric Erickson 2022 School Counselor High School
Sherry Erickson 6303 Grade 3 Third
Julia Erlandson 3003 Secretary Middle
Carol Ernst 4232 SPED Gebhardt
Rachel Everson FS Forrest Street
Wendy Everson 6113 Literacy Coach and Grade 2 Third
Leslie Fendt 4246 Grade 1 Forrest Street
Todd Fendt 5121 Grade 5 Gebhardt
Wendy Ferstenou 5116 School Counselor Gebhardt
Megan Finch 2705 Business Education High School
Cheri Fisher 5122 Aide Gebhardt
Amanda Frederick 4208 Kindergarten Teacher Forrest Street
Michael Gaier 2503 Teacher – Special Education High School
Rachel Gard 2214 Teacher – Special Education High School
Elliot Garvin 2103 Ho-Chunk Language and Culture Teacher High School
Jody Gawron 4251 Music Forrest Street
Kellie Gazdecki 2950 Cook High School
Kristin Geier 4107 Early Childhood SPED Forrest Street
Tina Gilbertson 2602 Family and Consumer Sciences High School
Barbara Gluch 4101 Special Education Teacher Forrest Street
Peggy Gordon 1251 Technology Supervisor District Office
Marilyn Grace 2003 Secretary High School
Jennifer Guenther 5002 Secretary Gebhardt
Karen Hagglund Special Education Aide Forrest Street
Patricia Hall 3215 Aide Middle
Cassie Hammond 6111 Grade 2 Third
Beth Hansen 4242 Grade 1 Forrest Street
Kathy Hanson 6220 Grade 3 Third
Paula Hardie 2104 Band High School
Patty Harelson 4227 Reading Recovery Tchr / Dist Reading Spec. / Title I Coordinator Forrest Street
Jean Helland 3205 LMC Aide Middle
Travis Hendrickson 1250 Tech Support Specialist District-Wide
Jeff Hensel 7301 Transportation Supervisor Bus Garage
Kim Hentch 4103 4k Aide Forrest Street
Marti Herzberg 1002 Administrative Assistant and Human Resources District Office
Ashley Hodge 2205 Teacher – Special Education High School
Tracy Hoeschele 1200 Support Services Secretary District Office
Joy Hoffmann 2203 Teacher – Special Education High School
Pam Holcomb 3212 Special Education Aide Middle
Sherry Holt 1201 Director of Pupil Services District Office
Jennifer Houd 2950 Cook High School
Jackie Huber 6151 Resource Aide–Nexus Third
Rebecca Hulett 4101 Kindergarten Forrest Street
Theresa Hunter 4209 Grade 1 Forrest Street
Jason Janke 2002 High School Assistant Principal High School
Susan Jenkins 2215 District-Wide Library Media Director Gebhardt, Middle, Third, Forrest, High School
Susan Jenkins 2215 District-Wide Library Media Director High School
Timothy Jensen 3022 Guidance Counselor Middle
Connie Jessie 6115 Grade 2 Third
June Johnson 4240 Grade 1 Forrest Street
Jared Johnson 2108 Science High School
Andrew Kastner 1202 School Psychologist District Office
Adam Kaszubowski 2606 Mathematics High School
Keith Kersting Custodian High School
James Klos 2117 Biology High School
Mallory Knipe 3002 School Social Worker Middle
Amy Koboski 3004 Lunda Theater Coordinator District-Wide
Sue Kotlarz 5100 SPED Gebhardt
Jennifer Krista 3103 Grade 7 Middle
Sandy Krpata 4250 Aide Forrest Street
Kathy Kuhry 3214 Aide Middle
Megan Kundinger 3107 Grade 6 Middle
Karen Kutcher 2020 Registrar High School
Sarah Larkin 4107 EC Aide Forrest Street
Ron Laudon 6205 Resource Aide–Nexus Third
Sue Leadholm 2021 School Counselor High School
Tom Leadholm 2213 Physical Education/Head Basketball Coach High School
Tom Leadholm 3150 Physical Education Middle
Sherie Lecheler 4113 Speech/Language Therapist Forrest Street
Michael Lichucki 5001 Principal Gebhardt
Brad Lobenstein 2707 English & Social Studies High School
Amy Luna-Cherwenka 4003 Secretary Forrest Street
Steve Marg Custodian High School
Becky Markee 4101 SpEd aide Forrest Street
Steven Markee At-Risk Coordinator High School
Bradley Markhardt 2210 Agriculture Education Teacher & FFA Advisor High School
Brad Markhardt 2210 Agriculture Education Teacher & FFA Advisor Middle
Elizabeth Mashak 6112 Grade 2 Third
Jennifer Massart 3212 Special Education Middle
Randy Matalas Custodian High School
Cathy Mathson 4238 SpEd aide Forrest Street
Mary Mccann 6216 Grade 3 Third
Debra Mcclintock 6116 Grade 2 Third
Matthew Mcdonnell 2503 Teacher – Special Education High School
Jessica Mcnamara 4257 BRAGS TEACHER, BIOLOGY TEACHER High School
Katie Mcneely 4220 Kindergarten Forrest Street
Maria Mcneely 6302 LMC Aide Third
Kirsten Meier 4227 Reading Recovery/Interventionist Forrest Street
Sue Millis 6002 Secretary Third
Shawn Moretti 5106, 2103 Phy Ed/Health Gebhardt, High School
Kathleen Murray 5002 Aide Gebhardt
Brad Myers 2113 Ho-Chunk Youth Services Tutor High School
Marla Nelson 3006 Secretary Middle
Kathleen Neville 3210 Mathematics Teacher Middle
Daniel Nortman 5129 Grade 4 Gebhardt
Carol Nortman 3101 Family and Consumer Science Teacher Middle
Danielle O’Brien 2503 Aide High School
Mary O’Brien 2503 mary.o’ Aide High School
Dan Olson 2109 Woodworking and Building Construction High School
Rebecca Olson 2950 Cook High School
Leonard Olson Grounds Custodian Maintenance Shop
Amy Olson 6217 Art Third
Pam Olson 6151 SPED–Nexus Third
Cheri Omernick 5127 Grade 4 Gebhardt
Andrew Osegard 6152 Physical Education/APE Third
Sarah Osterby 6150 Resource Aide–Nexus Third
Carolyn Oswald Johnson 6214 Grade 3 Third
Gillian Pacetti 2402 Choral Director High School
Gillian Pacetti 3109 Chorus Middle
Kim Parker 4002 Secretary Forrest Street
Sue Polzin 2123 Mathematics High School
Kristi Pronschinske 7302 Transportation Dispatcher Bus Garage
Mary Repka 6212 Grade 3 Third
Melissa Riggs 4216 Kindergarten Teacher Forrest Street
Sheri Ripp 6205 Building Aide Third
Marie Robinson 5101 Grade 5 Teacher Gebhardt
Dave Roou 3001 Principal Middle
Tyler Roskos 6005 Building Aide Third
Christy Roush 5120 Grade 5 Teacher Gebhardt
James Rufsholm 2221 6-12 Activities Director High School
Jim Rufsholm 2221 6-12 Activities Director Middle
Maureen Ruka 2216 English / Intervention Teacher High School
Jenny Rukavina 2222 Spanish High School
Marc Rukavina 2106 Spanish Teacher, Head Boys Varsity Tennis Coach High School, Middle School
Tammy Rush 1103 Business Assistant District Office
Mary Rykken 2084 Phy Ed Teacher High School
Paul Rykken 2226 Social Studies: History and Politics High School
Nikky Sackmaster 3215 Aide Middle
Joe Schmit 1211 Buildings & Grounds Supervisor District Office
Robert Schmitt 3211 Special Education Middle
Kelly Schulte 3152 Physical Education Middle
Connie Seiber 1209 Nutrition Services Supervisor District Office
Shelly Severson 1001 Superintendent District Office
Krista Seyforth 4218 Kindergarten Forrest Street
Sue Shaw 2218 English High School
Roxane Shear 2212 Cross-Categorical Special Education Teacher High School
Mike Shepard 3206 Grade 8 Middle
Rhonda Shoemaker 5102 LMC Aide Gebhardt
Melanie Simones 6214 4K Forrest Street
Kristyl Simonson 4107 EC Aide Forrest Street
Laura Simonson 5113 Reading Recovery, Interventionist Gebhardt, Forrest Street
Rebecca Simpson 2704 Social Studies High School
Bobbi Sironi 4220 Kindergarten teacher Forrest Street
Theresa Skogstad 3112 Math and Science Middle
Holly Smith 2203 Special Education Aide, Head Womens Track and Field Coach, Middle School Volleyball and Basketball Coach High School
Elizabeth Snyder 4230 Kindergarten Teacher Forrest Street
Allison Spencer 3007 Guidance Middle, Third
Candis Spindler 3207 Grade 8 Middle
Amber Spurling 6151 Resource Aide–Nexus Third
Sarah Staff 4222 Kindergarten Forrest Street
Brian Stemper 3116 Technology & Engineering Instructor Middle
Troy Tande 3111 Band Middle
Janelle Tande 6114 Grade 2 Third
Elizabeth Taylor 5122 Aide Gebhardt
Steve Teeples 3215 Aide Middle
John Thurow 4113 Phy Ed, Head Volleyball Coach, Assistant Track Coach Forrest Street
Kelsey Tichey 3214 Special Education Middle
Don Tichey 6150 Special Education
Julie Tiedens 2101 English, Student Media, Webmaster, Channel 97 High School
Tara Tindall Interventionist Third
Laura Trachsel 4107 Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Forrest Street
Scott Tubbs 6205 SPED Third
Tracey Tumaniec 5118 Grade 5 Gebhardt
Alisa Volk Aide Gebhardt
Mara Waldera Special Education Aide Forrest Street
Julie Warmke 4226 Special Education Teacher Forrest Street
Jeff Waughtal 7303 Mechanic Bus Garage
Rhonda Weberg 3203 Grade 7 Middle
Wayne Wenthold Custodian High School
Sue Wester 4228 LMC Aide Forrest Street
Ann Wilson 4103 4K Teacher Forrest Street
Donna Wojciechowski 2702 Chemistry, Physics & Medical Terminology Teacher High School
Elliott Wolf 2121 Chemistry, Biology Teacher High School
Ben Woof 1250 Systems Support Specialist District Office
Kris Wrobel 2224 Economics/ Social Studies High School
Jordan Young 5106 Adapted Physical Education Gebhardt, Middle, Forrest
Tim Young 2127 Mathematics High School
Richard Zarovy 2802 ISS Supervisor High School
Rachel Zentz 1208 School Pschologist District Office
Lara Zillmer 3204 Grade 7 – English Middle