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New Teacher Resources

The School District of Black River Falls is committed to supporting our newly hired teachers as they begin their professional journey. We provide 2 days of In-Service before the school year starts. Additionally, we provide monthly support seminars their first year and quarterly support seminars their second year on a variety of pertinent topics from classroom management to current assessment practices. In addition, we have a strong Mentor Program that provides support to our new teachers through a colleague at their content area, grade level or building. Our Mentor Program has been a long-standing partnership between the District and the Black River Falls Education Association that has proved very beneficial for our new staff.

New Teacher Binders

Initiatives and Direction

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Leadership Team

We are committed to empowering teacher leadership across the district and maintaining a collaborative decision making model with input from across the district. Monthly, this team meets to engage in collaborative discussions around curriculum, instruction, assessment, district-wide systems and decisions. The members of this team consistently communicate to and from their buildings and academic departments.

District Leadership Team Structure 2013

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