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Early Childhood Special Education Services

Early Childhood Teachers:
Kristin Geier,
Laura Trachsel,

Early Childhood is a preschool classroom located in Forrest Street Early Learning Center.  It is designed to help 3-6 year old children who have been identified as having a developmental disability or delay.  The classroom is staffed by an Early Childhood teacher and two classroom aides who target the developmental needs of three to six year old children.  Services for this program can be provided in a variety of ways, in a self-contained classroom, in a 4K classroom, or in their day care setting.  Children attend school Monday through Thursday for half-day classes.  Children participating in the program have Individual Education Plans (IEPs) in place.  These outline goals correlating with their identified developmental needs.  The activities children participate in promote pre-academic, social, self-help, communication and gross and fine motor development.  The district provides transportation to and from school.  Children are not required to be potty trained to attend this program.

 Evaluation and Eligibility:
Upon receiving a referral, the teacher, speech therapist and if needed, other specialists (occupational therapist, physical therapist) will evaluate the child’s skills.  Parents are asked to complete a developmental inventory in order for staff to gain a broader understanding of the child.  Following the evaluation, a meeting is held involving the parents, those who evaluated the child and the school psychologist to review findings from the evaluation.  A child must demonstrate significant delays in development to be eligible for the Early Childhood program.  If eligible, the team develops the IEP goals.  Parents must give their consent to have their child attend the Early Childhood program.  Participation is voluntary.


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