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Elementary Staff

When communicating by phone, please contact classroom teachers at their school office to ensure timely delivery of your message and to decrease interruptions in instruction.

To contact staff members by phone, please dial the main office at (715) 284-7155 and enter the desired extension as listed below.

BuildingNamePhone Email Position 
School Board
Scott Barton scott.barton@brf.orgSchool Board Member 
Amy Hoffman Amy.Hoffman@brf.orgSchool Board Member 
Patty Jacobson Patty.Jacobson@brf.orgSchool Board Member 
Laurel Meek Laurel.Meek@brf.orgSchool Board Member 
Mary Jo Radcliffe MaryJo.Radcliffe@brf.orgSchool Board Vice-President 
Mary Jo Rozmenoski MaryJo.Rozmenoski@brf.orgSchool Board President 
Nehomah Thundercloud Nehomah.Thundercloud@brf.orgSchool Board Member 
District Office
Lucas Annear4113 
Theresa Bade1102
Stephanie Brueggen1204 
Jill Collins1101 
Aeriana Culpitt6509 
Justin Dougherty3004  
Joey Eckles1003 
Peggy Gordon1251
Patty Harelson4227
Travis Hendrickson1250 
Marti Herzberg1002
Elizabeth Johnson6114 
Andrew Kastner1202 6108
Benjamin Martin 
Dan Nortman6410 
Jim Rufsholm2221 
Tammy Rush1103
Lil Savage 
Joe Schmit1211 
Connie Seiber1209 
Shelly Severson1001
Julie Tiedens2120
Heidi VandenHerik608-792-6020 6138 
Ben Woof1250 
Jordan Young3150 
High School
Kimberly Anderson2061 
Kelly Baker 
Bonnie Bird2711 
Anthony Boerger2252
Mary Byrns2255
Ruth Casper2004
Jeron Cassidy2121
Tom Chambers2001
Laura Christenson2152
Eric Erickson2022
Megan Finch2718
Rachel Gard2713
Marilyn Grace2003
Sarah Halverson2610
Paula Hardie2430 3105
Connie Helstad2155 
Ashley Hodge2520
Christopher Hulne2617
Chris Hund2263 
Ryan Johnson2715 
Michelle Kail2071 
Adam Kaszubowski2154
Keith Kersting2072 
Clare Knodle2145
Karen Kutcher2020
Thomas Leadholm2830
Susan Leadholm2021
Lindsey Lewis2148 
Ann Lindow2054
Brad Lobenstein2719
Steve Marg2074 
Brad Markhardt2220
Lisa McCullough2002
Jessica McNamara 
Victoria Michalski2260 
Nicole Mlsna2063
Shawn Moretti2123
Mary O’Brien2052
Rebecca Olson2064
Haley Osborn2248
Joseph Phillips2440 3109
Jared Plaza2151
Kaye Quall2253
Andrew Richard2135
Amy Ross2062 
Marc Rukavina2156 3105
Jennifer Rukavina2249
Paul Rykken2251
Mary Rykken2850
Valerie Savage2055 
Stephanie Schick2142
Suzanne Shaw2247
Holly Smith2053
Christopher Stalheim2613
Adam Stresing2612 
Tech Team2157 
Julie Tiedens2120
Pam Waite2950
Karl Wallin2262
Wayne Wenthold2075 
Elliott Wolf2710
Tim Young2153
Eli Youngthunder2250
Middle School
Sarah Anderson3201
Allison Boerger3107
Tori Bragee3215
Rebecca Collins 
Stephanie Cowles6608 
Dave Cowley3203
Karen DeBerg3216
Les Dokkestul3102
Michael Downie3108
April Dreikosen3212
Paul Dutton3202
Todd Fendt3110
Jennifer Friemoth3211
Jeffrey Hanson  
Paula Hardie2430 3105
Jean Helland3205
Jennifer Hill3006 
Pam Holcomb3213
Jennifer Houd3950
Ryan Johnson2715 
Roberta Kostka3021 
Vicki Kramer3106 6614 
Jennifer Krista3103
Megan Kundinger3113
Thomas Leadholm2830
Brad Markhardt2220
Jennifer Massart3212
Wendy Mlsna3950
Bradley Myers  
Kathy Neville3208
Carol Nortman3101
Janet Oligny3950
Amy Olson
Joseph Phillips2440 3109
Amy Recob 
David Roou3001
Marc Rukavina2156 3105
Nicole Sackmaster3214
Sheri Schindler 
Kelly Schulte3152
Michael Shepard3206
Theresa Skogstad3112
Brian Stemper3116
Troy Tande3111
Steve Teeples3215
Danette VanAuken3211
Ashley Weibel3022
Heather Wyss3003 
Lara Zillmer3204
Red Creek
Sue Aleckson
Kim Amborn5950 
Paul Anciaux6407
Kathryn Bishop6404 
Heather Bluedorn6406 
Jennifer Bolger6316
Kristin Breining6205
Caitlin Chambers
Carrie Christie6131
John Cook, Jr.6211
Stephanie Cowles6608 
Karen Craig6504 
Mary Danielson6400
Rick Dobbs6001
Angela Dutton6500
Denise Eddy6309 4234
Jessica Falkner6305 
Jody Gawron6608 4103
Debbie Gilbertson6110 
Jennifer Guenther6102 
Tammy Gunderson 
Leah Haines6135
Arielle Hall6505 
Kathy Hanson6312
Melissa Hasz6110 
Barbra Hayes-Emerich6511
Laurie Hensel 
Stephanie Herman6136
Rick Hodge 
Jackie Huber6111
Alissa Hutjens6109 
Elizabeth Jahnke6212
Connie Jessie6210
Elizabeth Johnson6114 
Ryan Johnson2715 
Kayla Knight6111
Vicki Kramer3106 6614 
Drew Lambrecht 
Ron Laudon
Mary McCann6308
Maria McNeely6602 
Jennifer Meyer 
Sue Millis6101
Shawn Moretti2123
Kathy Murray 
Amy Murray 
Heather Needham6307 
Dan Nortman6410 
Tara Opelt6615 
Andrew Osegard6137
Jessica Partlow6311
Pam Pfaff-Olson6615
Mary Repka6310
Mariah Rivard6203 
Tyler Roskos
Christy Roush6506 
Melissa Scharpf6401 
Rhonda Shoemaker6602 
Laura Simonson6002
Candis Spindler6204
Kelly Stecker6207
Janelle Tande6209
Lu Lu Taylor
Tara Tindall6408 
Scott Tubbs6134
Kent Weinman
Kerry Wenthold5002 
Pat White 
Forrest Street
Heidi Anderson4101 
Rachel Andreska4250
Lucas Annear4113 
Michele Bemis4220
Katie Brew4244
Marie Brune4950
Susan Bullen4950 
Melanie Cassidy4238
Del Rae Chenoweth4101
Katie Christianson4208
Jennifer Dahl6618 4105
Rebecca DenHartog4101 
Kari Dougherty4224
Ann Eberhardt4228
Denise Eddy6309 4234
Wendy Everson4230 
Rachel Everson-Fink4113 
Leslie Fendt4248
Wendy Ferstenou4204
Jody Gawron6608 4103
Kristin Geier4107
Jenna Gill4101 
Barb Gluch4101
Beth Hansen4242
Patty Harelson4227
Kim Hentsch4232 
Brenda Hentsch4236 
Gween Hernandez4101 
Rebecca Hulett4107 
Kelli Isaacson4209 
Tina Iverson4238 
Elizabeth Jahnke6212
June Johnson4240
Lisa Johnson4236 
Sarah Larkin4107
Travis Lind
Amy Luna4003
Becky Markee4101
Kirsten Meier4227
Kathy Meyer4950 
Cathy Morgan
Sarah Neitzke4216
Marla Nelson4002
Melissa Plaza4218
Erin Porter4246
John Rohrbach4232 
Elizabeth Snyder4222
Lori Spaude4107
Chad Stanley4001
John Thurow4113
Laura Trachsel4107
Heidi VandenHerik608-792-6020 6138 
Julie Warmke4226
Sue Wester4228
Tracy Hoeschele1200 
Sherry Holt1201
Steve Markee715-896-2069 
Jessica McNamara 
Tara Opelt6615 
Pam Pfaff-Olson6615
Trisha Rondorf 
Maintenance Shop
Leonard Olson7304 
Bus Garage
Jody Hesse                   
Steven Humphrey          
William Abbott
Jeff Amo 
Paul Anderson
Rex Carter
Anton Chojnacki
Gary Christenson  
Margaret Fitt
Rich Hansen
Gene Hart
Jeff Hensel7301
Craig Kubaski 
John Matalas      
Dan O’Brien 
Judy Olson 
Kristi Pronschinske7302 
Jesse Rosenbaum 
Steve Vanderpal 
Penny Vanderpal 
Denise Volkenant 
Jeff Waughtal7303 
Kay Weikel 
Ho Chunkgra Head Start, Sandpillow Head Start, Western Dairyland Head Start
Rachel Everson-Fink4113