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Gebhardt Elementary Staff

When communicating by phone, please contact classroom teachers at their school office to ensure timely delivery of your message and to decrease interruptions in instruction.

To contact staff members by phone, please dial the main office (715) 284-5125 and enter the desired extension as listed below.

Directory Listing for Building: Gebhardt

NamePhone Email Position 
Tracy Hoeschele1200 Tracy.Hoeschele@brf.orgSupport Services Secretary 
Tammy Hoff TAMMY.HOFF@BRF.ORGCustodian 
Sherry Holt1201 Sherry.Holt@brf.orgDirector of Pupil Services
Steve Markee715-896-2069 Steve.Markee@brf.orgAt-Risk Coordinator, Alternative Education-Renaissance at WTC, Phoenix at Gardipee 
Jessica McNamara Jessica.McNamara@brf.orgBRAGS | HS Science 
Tara Opelt6615 Tara.Opelt@brf.orgSpecial Education | Special Education - Nexus 
Pam Pfaff-Olson6615 Pam.Pfaff-Olson@brf.orgSpecial Education | Special Education - Nexus
Trisha Rondorf Trisha.Rondorf@brf.orgSpecial Education - Nexus