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Gebhardt Student Survey 2013-14

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AdvancED Gebhardt Parent Survey 2013-14

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Parent Survey 2013-14

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2014-15 Teacher Request Form

Here is the form you will need to request a homeroom teacher for the upcoming school year.  You will be asked to select three teachers in completing the form.  Wednesday, April 4, 2014 at 3:oo PM is the deadline for the form to be turned in to your child’s school.

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What is Reader’s Workshop?

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IMG_0552.JPG - guided reading - CookThis is the second installment of what Literacy Collaborative looks like in the School District of Black River Falls. Reader’s Workshop is one of the three blocks in the Literacy Collaborative framework.

The goal of this block for primary students (K-2nd) is for students to gain knowledge of the reading process through guided reading where students in small groups read texts selected to meet their specific needs and through independent reading where they read a variety of self-selected and teacher-selected texts. Students engage in conversation about literature and activities that support comprehension of texts. Other students at this time, when not receiving direct instruction, are actively engaged in independent reading, writing, and word study centers.

The goal of this block for intermediate students (3rd-5th) is for students to read for extended periods a variety of self-selected and teacher-selected texts at their instructional levels. They construct meaning through personal and textual connections demonstrated in weekly reading journal letters between students and teachers, regular meetings in guided reading groups, and literature study groups. Students internalize effective comprehension strategies that they apply to fiction and nonfiction texts.

Watch for more exciting literacy information to come!

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Literacy Collaborative, Explained

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What is Literacy Collaborative?

Literacy Collaborative is a school structure designed to support teacher instruction to improve reading, writing, and language skills of students from 4K through eighth grade.

How Does Literacy Collaborative Work?

sarahstaff1At its heart Literacy Collaborative is a professional development framework for teachers to increase literacy learning. The model helps schools and teachers develop exemplary literacy programs by:

  • Implementing proven teaching methods that are student-centered, language-based, and process oriented.
  • Establishing in-district and school-based literacy leadership teams and literacy coaches who monitor the framework’s implementation and train classroom teachers in literacy.
  • Providing in-depth professional development on-site for every member of a school’s literacy team.
  • Assessing student and teacher progress and delivering on-going professional development.
  • Providing consistent language and instructional methods 4K-grade 8 that are designed to meet the needs of individual students.

Watch for more exciting literacy information to come!

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2013-14 Supply Lists Available

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School supply lists are available for all grades.  Click on the links below for the files you need.


For regular updates on our daily happenings at Gebhardt, please “like” Gebhardt Elementary on Facebook.

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More about Gebhardt Elementary

Gebhardt Elementary, which is home to the district's fourth and fifth grade classes, is located at 411 Gebhardt Road in Black River Falls, Wisconsin.

Our office, which is open from 7:20 a.m. to 3:20 p.m., can be reached by phone at 715-284-5125.

Our Pledge

I am respectful and responsible every day.
I do not bully when I play.
Learning is something I should do at school.
It makes me smart, and it's our rule.
I'm always respectful, honest, and kind, so our school is awesome, and it will shine!

School Schedule

7:42 - 1st bell rings
7:46 - 2nd bell all students should be in their classrooms
2:51 - end-of-day dismissal


Mike Lichucki, Principal
Jennifer Guenther, Secretary