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Getting Involved

There are so many volunteer opportunies at our schools, and we welcome community involvement!

Our school board has approved a Volunteer Policy, and we have a Volunteer Handbook available for those interested. If you are thinking about volunteering in the school district, please contact any of the following people, who would be able to answer your questions regarding the volunteer program, and who would help you to become a volunteer.

  • District Administrator 715-284-4357
  • Black River Falls High School Principal 715-284-4324
  • Black River Falls Middle School Principal 715-284-5315
  • Forrest Street Elementary Principal 715-284-9406
  • Red Creek Elementary Principal 715-284-7155

Listed below are only a few of the volunteer opportunities available in the district. You are welcome to contact the building administrator at each of the schools to talk about your special talents and where they could be best applied to benefit the youth of our community.

Elementary School Programs

  • BRF Elementary PTO: The elementary-level parent-teacher organization
  • BLAST (Black River Falls Learning After School Time): The BLAST Program is an academic enrichment program being offered to 1st-5th Grade students in the School District of Black River Falls. Students from each of the three elementary schools participate at Third Street, the BLAST site. BLAST has five main goals:
    • To reinforce the ideas and skills that students are learning during the school day.
    • To provide even more positive role models for students.
    • To encourage students to set goals and work toward reaching their potential.
    • To help educators and counselors in meeting the needs of individual students.
    • To actively involve parents and the community in the academic and personal success of students.

District-Wide Programs

  • Community Connector: Community Connector is a database of individuals interested in active participation, on a volunteer basis, in the School District of Black River Falls. The database acts as a connection between those who want to help and the teachers who can bring new individuals and experiences into the lives of their students. To be added, please fill out the volunteer form and return it to the district office or your school’s office.