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Nutrition Services

Connie M Seiber, DTR CD

Nutrition Services Supervisor
715-284-4357 ext 1209

For questions regarding your food service account and Free or Reduced Applications, contact the following: 

Joey Eckles

DO Receptionist and Secretary to Dir. Of Bus. Serv.
715-284-4357 ext 1102

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


Free and Reduced Meals Application


summer handout 2017


These boys know a medium banana provides about 110 calories, 3 grams of fiber and is a source of potassium, vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin B6, vitamin A and iron. Bananas offer many health benefits and can be eaten daily as part of a healthy diet

Pictured above is Emma Goodenough and Mckayla Gilbertson. They know how important drinking milk is! On January 5th, 2017 they provided students with a free iced coffee to increase milk consumption. They even scored a signed (Morgan Burnett) Green Bay Packers football to raffle off to one lucky winner.






DISCLOSURE-Due to product changes, unavailability, menu substitutions may be made from time to time. To verify menu substitutions for your school, please contact the food service office. Please be aware that some food items served on the Black River Falls Schools menu may have been manufactured in a facility, or on shared equipment with other peanut or tree nut products.


School Nutrition Program Information

Healthy meals are crucial to student success. Our Food service program offers many nutritious options for our students. The food service program operates on a nonprofit basis. The meal and Ala carte prices reflect the amount the district needs to continue to offer this program to our students. We offer an online software program called Skyward which gives users immediate, secure access to the food service information they need. With this software program, parents/Guardians may access the following information:

  • Review food service transactions, such as meal and Ala carte purchases, through the Parent access as it is entered on the building-level
  • Provide guardians Internet access to their students’ meal selections and the costs incurred from the cafeteria.
  • Receive email notification for low account balances

How Does It Work?

Every student has an account where all of the money for food service can be deposited. Then, as purchases are made through the district food service  program, money is drawn out of the account like a debit card. The student will access their personal account at service times with their PIN NUMBER that they will type into a key pad. All children will be helped with this process as needed.

What Procedures are Followed?

  • The food service program follows a pre-payment program. Parents/guardians will remit one payment for the entire family.
  • Low Account Balances will be communicated via email and/or a phone call. Balances at or below $10.00 will trigger the email notification.
  • Students in grades 6-12 will only be allowed to charge up to $10.00 on the account. Once the student has a negative $10.00 or greater, the student will be offered an alternative meal of a peanut butter sandwich and a milk without  charge to the account. The meal service program will not be offered. Students that request the alternative meal for greater than 1 week will be referred to our building principal and or social worker.
  • Parents/guardians will be able to check account balances and student purchases via the Parent access.

Other Important Information

  • Food service payment can be made at any of our school offices.
  • Families that do not have skyward accounts and wish to review lunch account information online should contact the individual school secretary.
  • To ensure prompt email notification of low account balances, contact any of the district offices to update your family’s email contact information
  • Families that had remaining balances from the previous school year, please note that your remaining balances are transferred to the new year.
  • Students who do not have money in their account should not be allowed to purchase a second entree. The food service staff makes every effort to enforce this policy, but with the lines moving very quickly during  meal service they may not have  time to explain this to each student. Please discuss this with your student BEFORE they take a second entree.

Farm to School (F2S)

The support of locally grown foods, along with offering increased servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, is a top priority.  Each of our buildings include a fresh garden bar of vegetables and fruits daily.

“Smart Snack” Nutrition Standards

The health of today’s school environment continues to improve. Students across the country are now offered healthier school meals with more servings of fruits, vegetables and whole grains through the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs. The “Smart Snacks” in school standards published by USDA will build on those healthy advancements by ensuring that all other snack foods and beverages available for sale to our students in school are tasty and nutritious. More information may be found at

Wellness Committee

The School District Wellness Committee is always in search of parents, students, staff or community members that would like to join the team. Become involved today and help shape the wellness environment in the district. If interested please contact Connie Seiber DTR CD at 715-284-4357 or

The district is in process of updating the policy. The current Wellness policy can be found:

458   School Wellness Policy  

school wellness Report Card

Black River Falls School District report card-16-17



What’s for Lunch?

Students must be offered a lunch that contains:

  • 5 food items…
  • From the 5 food components…
  • In at least the minimum serving sizes for the age/group level
  • Students must take at least 3 of the 5 component offerings (one of which must be EITHER a fruit or vegetable or a combination of both)

The 5 food components are:

  • Meat or Meat Alternate
  • Vegetables – One or more servings of different kinds of vegetables
  • Fruit One or more servings of different fruits
  • Grains / Breads
  • Milk


Students must select 3 out of 4 items (not components)

Grains: Offerings vary by age group. At least 1/2 of the grains offered are whole grains

Meat/Meat Alternate: There is no requirement to serve meat/meat alternate at breakfast. If we serve Meat/Meat alternate it is only after our grain component is met.

Juice/Fruit/Vegetable: Students of all age groups are offered a minimum of 1 cup fruit/veg and must take a minimum of 1/2 cup

Milk: We offer only Fat Free (Flavored and unflavored) or Lowfat (unflavored) milk. A variety of milk if offered.


Food allergies need to be accompanied with a medical signature (MD SIGNATURE ONLY) indicating what the allergy is and what foods might be affected. The School Nutrition Program and individual kitchens will keep the required paperwork on file. Meals/substitutions cannot be served without a medically authorized diet order.

The Food Allergy Network (FAN) is a nonprofit organization established to help families living with food allergies and anaphylaxis (a severe life-threatening reaction). FAN provides education, emotional support and coping strategies.
Click on the following link to learn more about food allergies.