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Online Safety Resources

For Parents

  • Internet Safety's 5 Tips for Creating a Cybersafe Home™
    This generation of parents is the first to face the challenge of helping our children make the most of their virtual space while keeping them safe in it. If you’re still getting your footing in virtual parenting, don’t worry. has the following tips to help ensure that your child’s online experience remains positive.

  • Google Safety Center
    As a parent or guardian, you know what feels right for your family and how your kids learn best. To help your family navigate through new technologies, gadgets, and services in an ever-changing online world, it helps to get practical advice.

  • FTC: Talk to Your Kids
    When your kids begin socializing online, you may want to talk to them about certain risks...

  • Common Sense Media Reviews
    Find age-appropriate movies, books, apps, TV shows, video games, websites, and music that you and your kids will love.
  • 5 Myths and Truths About Kids' Internet Safety
    Help keep your kids' online experiences positive and productive by learning the truth (and ignoring the rumors) about what really makes them safe.

  • Online Safety Resources 

  • Parent Concerns
    Kids of all ages are swiping and scrolling, totally transfixed by screens of all sizes. Welcome to the new frontier of parenting. If you have questions on how to take control of the technology in your kids' lives, you came to the right place...

  • Access Denied: Our Favorite, Free Parental Control Software
    Proper parenting isn’t easy in the digital age. There was once a time, prior to the Internet, when a social network strictly referred to you and your band of cohorts...

  • Wisconsin Department of Justice: Protect Kids Online
    The Protect Kids Online (PKO) Podcast is brought to you by the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force. 

  • National Crime Prevention Council: Tips for Parents
    A list of tips that parents should follow to keep kids safe online

  • Netsmartz
    Parenting wired kids can be difficult, especially if you didn't grow up with the same technologies. These resources can help.

Student Resources