March 15

Black River Falls Board of Education: March 15, 2004

Meeting # 11


Board Members Present: Paul Bohac, Lois Corey, Don Mathews, Jeff Pugh, Barb Sedelbauer

Board Members Absent: Mike Johnson, Barb Mackenzie

The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Pugh at 6:00 p.m.

Notices of the meeting were delivered to the Banner Journal, WWIS Radio Station and Melrose Chronicle and posted in three (3) public places on March 11, 2004.

Meeting commenced with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Jeff Pugh and the entire board recognized the seven (7) teachers retiring at the end of this school year. They are:

Carol Anderson, Harlan Brandt, Mary Hansen, John Lindahl, David Mack, Mary Mack, and Linda McCullough

Lois Corey moved to approve the consent agenda items as presented. Don Mathews seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Paul Bohac moved to approve policies # 171 Regular Board Meeting, #333 Parent Rights and District Program Activities and #353.1 Volunteers as presented. Barb Sedelbauer seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Jill Collins, director of business services, and Dennis Richards, superintendent, explained three (3) different scenarios for the proposed 2004-2005 school district budget. Among the topics discussed were driver education services, foreign language, elementary enrollment and the revenue cap. She explained that the figures are all estimates and are subject to change because DPI has not issued final figures to be used in calculating state aid payments yet.

Considerable discussion took place in regard to the various budget options.

Lois Corey moved to hold a special meeting to determine how driver education will be delivered. Don Mathews seconded the motion. Motion carried.

The special meeting is scheduled for March 31 at 6:00 p.m. in the high school LMC.

Dr. Richards reported that the art department would compete in the Wisconsin Visual Arts Classic State competition in Madison on April 2nd. The Fine Arts Program will be held at the Middle School on Tuesday, March 16 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. The enGauge team will be interviewing staff and community members in regard to the technology available in the district on Tuesday. The elevator project is moving along with construction to begin the 1st part of April and is scheduled for completion in August.

Discussion was held on the board goal, Character Education/Citizenship. The consensus of the board was to revise the goal to focus more on Character Education.

Shelly Severson gave an update on the changes to the elementary summer school program. The plan is to offer three (3) different sessions. The classes will be full-day classes for one (1) week each in June, July and August.

Monica Lobenstein gave an overview on the AODA Grant program and requested input for this year's grant application.

The school board completed its self-assessment document. The results will be reported at a later date.

Discussion was held on the use of the drug dog in the district as requested by Roger Kaufman

Don Mathews moved to support the continued use of the drug dog and the DARE program in the district. Motion failed for lack of a second.

Barb Sedelbauer moved to continue the use of the drug dog. Don Mathews seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-1. Paul Bohac voted against the motion.

Barb Sedelbauer reported on the discussion that took place at the board policy committee meeting including the following policies have been forwarded to the board for the 1st reading:

510 Personnel Policies Goals

522 Staff Involvement in Decision-Making

526 Personnel Records

527 Staff Complaints and Grievances

532.31 Worker's Compensation

534 Substitute Teachers

537.2 Professional Staff Attendance at Conferences/Seminars

538 Professional Staff Evaluation/Supervision

Jeff Pugh stated he would like to see the changes to the policy rules that do not require board approval. Copies of any rule changes will be provided to the board before they are placed in the policy manuals.

Lois Corey moved to adjourn to executive session under Wis. Statutes 19.85 (1)(c) & (e) to discuss administrator and teacher performance review data and to act on individual teacher contract renewals, and to deliberate concerning negotiations with the city for the renewal of a facility use contract at 8:20 p.m. Paul Bohac seconded the motion.

Ayes: Paul Bohac, Lois Corey, Don Mathews, Jeff Pugh, Barb Sedelbauer

Nays: None

Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned to executive session.

Barb Sedelbauer, Clerk

Barb Prochaska, Recording Secretary

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