February 16

Black River Falls Board of Education: February 16, 2004

Meeting # 10


Board Members Present: Lois Corey, Mike Johnson, Barb Mackenzie,

Don Mathews, Jeff Pugh, Barb Sedelbauer

Board Members Absent: None`

The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Pugh at 6:00 p.m.

Notices of the meeting were delivered to the Banner Journal, WWIS Radio Station and Melrose Chronicle and posted in three (3) public places on February 12, 2004.

Meeting commenced with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mike Johnson moved to approve the consent agenda items as presented. Lois Corey seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Paul Bohac and Roger Kaufman were interviewed as candidates for the board member position.

The Board members voted by ballot to select the new board member. Paul Bohac received five (5) votes and Roger Kaufman received one (1) vote. Barb Mackenzie cast the vote for Roger Kaufman.

The Oath of Office was administered to Paul Bohac.

Mike Johnson moved to award the District Office Elevator bid to Gaier Construction Company in an amount not to exceed $224,940. Barb Sedelbauer seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Dr. Richards commented that the possibility of change orders and contingency fund use exists and asked if it would be acceptable to forward these to the Board. The Board agreed that they would be acceptable.

Mike Johnson moved to approve Board Policy 443.6 Student Use of Cell Phones, Pagers, Other Two-Way Communications Devices and Laser Pointers. Barb Mackenzie seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Jill Collins gave an overview of the proposed tentative budget for the 2004-05 school year.

Don Mathews moved to freeze the per pupil allocations for the Principal's Budget Center allocations and to freeze the other budget centers at the 2003-04 levels. Mike Johnson seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Lois Corey explained the revised self-assessment documents that the ad hoc committee prepared.

Don Mathews moved to approve the self-assessment documents as presented. Mike Johnson seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Dr. Richards reported this is Bus Driver Recognition Week. The district bus drivers drive close to 400,000 miles per year. Friday is an inservice day in the district. Board members are welcome to attend any or all of the sessions being held.

Sherri Torkelson and Shelly Severson, members of the administrative team, presented a report on "Student Achievement" that is related to several of the board goals. The techniques gleaned from the Results book are being used in the district to obtain valid and reliable district-wide assessments of student achievement. These tools are important as they supplement the WKCE examinations and allow the district to monitor student achievement on a regular basis, keyed to local curriculum.

Another goal is to "Research and develop a procedure to prioritize the district budget in case reductions become necessary". One of the strategies aligned with the goal is to present the board with 2-3 options that have been proven successful or are in use in other district. Dennis Richards and Jill Collins presented the following three general models featured in the presentation:

1. Across the board percentage reductions

  1. Staff reductions using attrition or layoffs based on seniority
  2. Program reductions using a form of Functional Analysis

The recommendation supported by the full administrative team is to adopt option 3 (Program reductions using a form of Functional Analysis) for the trial period stipulated in the board goal. Final action on this goal is slated for June.

Gail Anderson, Special Education Designee, appeared to explain and answer questions in regard to the district's special education program. Each year special education services are assessed through the use of surveys completed by parents of the pupils served by the programs. Six areas were surveyed and 89% of the respondents indicated they are mostly to very satisfied with the overall quality of special education in the district.

WASB report - The WASB state convention was held in January. There is a seminar on the Family Medical Leave Act and an Effective Bargaining seminar coming up soon. If anyone is interested in attending they should contact Barb Prochaska at the District Office to register.

Board Policy Committee - The following policy revisions were submitted to the board for the 1st reading:

353.1 Volunteers

171 Regular Board Meetings

333 Parent Rights and District Program Activities - replacing the existing policy titled Parents Rights and the Curriculum

These policies will be presented at the March meeting for final approval.

Barb Sedelbauer reported on the other topics that were discussed at the policy committee meeting including the fact that the Parent Rights and District Program Activities policy is part of the No Child Left Behind Act and may need several revisions over the next few months. Also, there was considerable discussion on the Volunteer Handbook, specifically in regard to background checks for volunteers.

Lois Corey reported on the topics discussed at the curriculum & instruction committee meeting including elementary enrollment, graduation expectations, and writing an Education for Employment plan as required by the Department of Public Instruction.

Future agenda items:

Use of the drug dog - Roger Kaufman

Mike Johnson moved to adjourn to executive session under Wis. Statutes 19.85 (1)(c) & (e) to discuss administrator and teacher performance review data and to act on individual teacher contract renewals, and to deliberate concerning negotiations with the city for the renewal of a facility use contract at 8:55 p.m. Lois Corey seconded the motion.

Ayes: Lois Corey, Mike Johnson, Barb Mackenzie, Don Mathews, Jeff Pugh,

Barb Sedelbauer

Nays: None

Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned to executive session.

Barb Sedelbauer, Clerk

Barb Prochaska, Recording Secretary

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