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Tiger Stadium Updates & Score Board

Tiger Stadium is in need of a new scoreboard and it's the perfect opportunity to celebrate the naming of the football field to Warren Rosin Field, inside Tiger Stadium. The impact Coach Rosin had on his players is immeasurable. He demanded that his players exuded a great work ethic and spent countless hours prepping his teams down to the minute details in order to win ball games and championships. The number of individuals that were positively impacted through their participation in Tiger Football, under Coach Rosin, is amazing! We are exited to honor this legacy and continue to grow our #tiGRRPride

Several Tiger Football Alumni reached out regarding the name change and the Board of Education recently passed a resolution to rename the football field the Warren Rosin Field. We are reaching out to Tiger Football Alumni, as well as any Tiger Football fans, to request donations to help with signage and other improvements to Tiger Stadium, most notably, the score board.

If you are interested in making a donation the Tiger Stadium Score Board and Upgrades you can either use the link below, or scan the QR code at the bottom of the page.


The new scoreboard will provide advertising opportunities for local businesses to also support the costs. In addition to the new scoreboard, there will be improvements to the press boxes, signage, including a formal recognition of the Hoffman Track, as well as some work at the concessions, bathrooms and the entry.

Approximate Budget Breakdown:

  • Purchase and installation of new scoreboard             $40,000

  • Additional Tiger Pride signage                                $10,000

  • Upgrades to Press Boxes                                           $40,000

  • General upgrades as we are able:                        $60,000

    • Bathrooms

    • Concessions

    • Entry

If you are interested in purchasing an advertising spot on the new score board, please reach out to one of the Tiger Stadium Ad Hoc Committee members listed below. There are eight advertising opportunities on the scoreboard, each is 2'6" x 5'. The rate for each of the advertising slots is $10,000 for a 10-year lease. This includes the original creation and artwork of the sign.

The Tiger Stadium Ad Hoc Committee

Dr. Shelly Severson                 Brad Dobbs                  Nick Helstad                 Tom Epps

Shelly.severson@brf.org         brad.dobbs@brf.org     nick.helstad@brf.org          tom.epps@brf.org      

715-896-2060                          608-770-9969               715-299-9353              715-896-4775   

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